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Aspiring Educators Elections

2020 UEA Aspiring Educators Elections open March 4 – 27. The UEA Aspiring Educators have been allotted two delegate spots at the 2020 NEA RA in Atlanta. Nominations for candidacy must be declared by Friday, February 14.

Aspiring Educators NEA-RA Delegate (one-year term)
Hallie Caldwell– Western Governors University

Hallie Caldwell(As submitted by the candidate.)

I love this organization! It has given me so much already and I want to give back and do my part on improving and moving forward with the National Education Association.

I'm the representative for Western Governors University and a chair on the Utah Educators Association Aspiring Educators Committee.

Aspiring Educators NEA-RA Delegate (one-year term)
Deeann Evans– Utah State University

Deeann Evans(As submitted by the candidate.)

I would focus on helping members develop and build relationships with our educators to give them mentors that they can reach out to before they enter classrooms and after. These relationships can help Aspiring Educators better prepare to enter schools in their student teaching experiences as well as create a smooth integration into the school they are hired by down the road.

Member of the UEA-AEAC

Aspiring Educators NEA-RA Delegate (one-year term)
Chamy Halliday– University of Utah

Chamy Halliday(As submitted by the candidate.)

Why me? As I walk into my school everyday, I can see the exhaustion, the stress, the frustration of those teachers who just aren’t getting the support they need to thrive in this profession. I want to know how to support education- the teachers, the students, the families, etc. to the best of my ability. I love education, and the huge network of real people that lie within it. That’s what I will bring back for members. The opportunity to learn, as well as establish connections to real people, who are striving for a better future. I hope for the future. Despite our current climate. I refuse to give up that hope.

Chairperson for Utah Aspiring Educators