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Social Security and You

One of the most important issues that Joe Biden campaigned on was the need to protect and expand Social Security. Privatizers in Congress and elsewhere have long desired to undermine Social Security's greatest strength, its dedicated funding in the form of payroll taxes.  

The Social Security Trust Fund is not subject to political pressures nearly as much as it would be if its revenues came out of the General Fund. But before Social Security can be protected from threats of privatization and expanded to secure additional revenues and provide enhanced benefits to retirees, two holdovers from the previous administration need to be replaced. These are Social Security Commissioner Andrew Saul and Deputy Commissioner David Black. They are in favor of so-called reforms that would open up Social Security to privatization pressures. President Bided needs to be reminded about his campaign promises and appoint replacement Commissioners soon.  

UEA-R members can urge him to do so by contacting the White House via email or phone as follows:

Phone: 202-456-1111