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2021 UEA Legislative Priorities

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These priorities were developed in collaboration with hundreds of teachers across Utah. We urge policymakers to consider the following when contemplating legislation:

Education Funding

  • Fulfill statutory funding obligations created in 2020 (HB 357 and HB 5011) in the FY2022 Base Budget, including:
    • Fully restore $140 million in WPU funding cut during 2020 interim special sessions;
    • Fully fund student enrollment growth;
    • Include a WPU inflation adjustment in the Base Budget; and
    • Support long-term education economic stabilization through a working fund.
  • Reinstate cuts made during 2020 interim special sessions, including:
    • Administrative Cost Factor;
    • Flexible Allocation; and
  • Hold all schools harmless for enrollment fluctuations during the 2020-21 school year due to COVID.
  • Allocate $40 million in one-time funding for COVID-driven expenses related to health and safety, equity, student learning, staffing needs and educator support.
  • Devise and implement a tax system that will deliver sustainable and growing long-term revenue to address the chronic underfunding of public education.
  • Oppose/repeal schemes (such as vouchers or tax credits) that funnel public education money to personal student accounts or privately-run entities where taxpayer accountability is lost.
For the 2021 General Session
  • Reverse the overwhelming workload and support Utah educators during the COVID pandemic crisis by strictly limiting education-related bills to essential legislation that must be accomplished during the 2021 General Session.

- Printable version of the 2021 UEA Legislative Priorities (pdf)